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YaiBoon’s story, her life before and after rescued.

When we first met YaiBoon, she was about 70 years old . We could not move her from her previous place due to the long Buddhist holiday in Thailand and the official do not work. We waited the permission of transport and other required paper work . Yai Boon worked at the same place as our old lady, Yai Bua (passed away on June 2020 at ENP). They were chained at the same place, worked together for 4 years. Yai Bua was rescued to the park on February 6th, 2016. At that time YaiBoon was still healthy and the owner would not let her go. They continued to use her for riding until two weeks before she collapsed. We sent the vet to check. Her condition was very malnourished and dehydrated. Our vet was hurry to treat her to ensure that she will strong enough to transport to Elephant Nature Park.
When we first met YaiBoon at the former camp.
YaiBoon was clearly can see her bones.
At that time she was very skinny, unhealthy, stressed and scared. We could obviously see ribs through her skin which was not normal for elephants. Due to the old age of over 70 years old and very hard work she had done, this broke both of her physical and mental health. After two days of veterinary care, IV fluids and bvitamins, as well as better food , YaoBoon was ready to go on her journey. Our team decorated the truck to help her walk curious and less intimidated onto her final transport. She had a few second thoughts and then finally walked onto the truck. On behalf of YaiBoon and her future friends in the Park, we would like to thanks to Allene Lapides, a generous resident of Santa Fe , New Mexico , who helped us to rescue YaiBoon. Thanks to Singleton Rankin of World Woman Work together with members of Santa Fe community who always support our project. You have helped to change YaiBoon’s life forever.
Our rescue team and the vet gave YaiBoon the vitamin and IV fluid before we drive her to ENP.
During the long hours on the road for our old girl, she get exhausted, heavy rain during journey, our team have to stop often to let YaiBoon take a short nap. It was a tiring trip for YaiBoon. We was actually concerned for her ability to travel the whole way once we were in motion. She walked so strongly on Terra Firma, but the truck motion was a challenge for her. She was very undernourished. Her health was fragile because of it. Our vet and team monitored her all the time, especially Darrick who never left her side, comforting her from beginning to end. YaiBoon’s body was weak, but she’s strong in mind.
YaiBoon took the long drive to ENP.
The truck stopped to let YaiBook take a nap.
Finally, YaiBoon arrived ENP in the middle of June 2019. At her new home, she receive special care from our staff because she lose all of her teeth so it is better to give her some soft food. She loves to eat the rice ball made from soft rice mix with sweet bananas and some nutrients as well as enjoys fresh green grass.
YaiBoon got off the truck.
YaiBoon, had the first meal at ENP.
YaiBoon first arrived at ENP.
Five weeks later, her weight has gained almost 300 kilograms. Such a big gains for her. We always need to ensure that she has sufficient amount of healthy diets. Not only food can do this but her recovery is aided by love and care, rest and medical attention. YaiBoon can walk freely around the park, swim in the river and do elephant’s favorite mud bath. With the best care from her mahout, our staff and our vet team YaiBoon is now transformed to a very happy and healthy lady. Her weight has improved almost three hundred kilograms . Not only food can do this but her recovery is aided by love and care, rest and medical attention.
YaiBoon’s mahout stay close to take care YaiBoon.
YaiBoon has gained more weight.
Within 4 months YaiBoon put her weigh up over 800 pound. She never give up to live. Thanks for your love and positive pray to YaiBoon. She looks so gorgeous . What a wonderful transformation.
YaiBoon walked from the mud pit to check her weight and her health at out clinic.
YaiBoon enjoyed good scratch.
YaiBoon walked around the park.
YaiBoon loves fresh young leaves.
As we know, YaiBoon and YaiBua used to work together in a tourist camp. When Yai Boon arrived, we took her to visit YaiBua, but YaiBua can no longer walk long distances, and she has her close companion, SriPai, who always accompanies her. So we also introduced Yai Boon to others among our herd, letting them visit daily as her strength improved. Finally YaiBoon showed interest in DiPor, one of our loner old elephants who we rescued December 5th 2015 . DiPor is a lame elephant, injured from logging work. We are so happy to see YaiBoon open her heart for the new friendship and good company.
YaiBoon and DiPor played at the mud pit.
Yai Boon and Di Por spent time in the river.
Yai Boon and Di Por sharing food.
Yai Boon now is very beautiful and she is in good health.

An amazing and beautiful transformation of Yai Boon after 3 years living at Elephant Nature Park.

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