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Another Elephant Rescued

Starting a new life and learning to live with the herd at Elephant Nature Park.

Jaem Sai – welcome to your new home

“Today Elephant Nature Park received a new member – an old female elephant about 65 years old. Her previous name is Kwan Jit [meaning ‘sweet heart’, which is lovely. Yesterday she still worked to carry the trekking tourist, but today her life has changed ! Khun Kanjana Silpa-Archa, the daughter of the former Thai Prime Minister ( Mr Banharn Silpa-Archa Prime Thai Minister number 21), has bought her freedom and offered her care to Elephant Nature Park. She came from a trekking camp not too far distant from our Park. We thought that she could walk the distance, but after 2 hours walking, she tired, and we decided to bring her the rest of the way by truck. It took her less than one minute to happily get into the truck.
As with all new family members, our herd comes to greet and warm welcome the new person. We introduce her to our land and she walked direct to the river ! Later we had a welcoming ceremony to Kwan Jit.
All of the elephants who arrive to our park receive a new name, so that they don’t have to listen to their prior name, associated with abuse and neglect. She receives a new life and a new name : Khun Kanjana has named Kwan Jit after her mother, Jeam Sai, which in Thai means “happy”. We are very Happy to have Jeam Sai to join our family and herd” – Lek

Jaem Sai Jaem SaiJaem SaiJaem Sai

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