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Welcome the three new rescued elephants to live with freedom at Elephant Nature Park.

Three beautiful life rescued from Elephant Riding camp on 14 November 2021.

Three Grandma elephants (all of them are over 70 years old) have arrived at Elephant Nature Park safely. They now sleep in their own chain free shelter next to each other. They have worked alongside each other for years but have never relaxed as friends before. We named them by the name of their supporters. The first lady name TikTok as TikTok (social media application) support  her rescue.  The second lady name Siam as she was rescued by Siam Winery. The third lady name JimJim as Jim Thompson support her rescue. While we rescued, two ladies TikTok and Siam walked easily to the park but JimJim need to transported by the truck because her legs were so weak.

As this is just the first arrival, we will see in the next few days how they might get along and how they can adjust to their new surroundings. Imagine the delight, to no longer be short tethered, to have free access to fresh water through the night and a fresh pile of sand, not concrete, to lay down upon. On the first night, the mahouts and our ENP team have to stay up close watching and observe their well-being. Tomorrow is a bright new day.

Here are the three Giants that we welcome as new members of the SEF household. Thanks to TikTok, Siam Winery, and Jim Thompson for gifting these elephants free from work and starting the new life with us.

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