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Nanny’s daily work for baby elephant Navaan

One naughty baby can make the mother very busy and naughty Navaan makes four nannies plus mother super busy and exhausted. Navaan always finds a way to play and run non stop. The four old nannies sometimes get tired and take turns to try to tame him. All his nannies are old aged can not run quick enough, even the new brand nanny Tubtim who is smitten with him. Navaan is always playing the game of catch me if you can. When he plays in the mud pool, slipping & sliding, the nannies worry for his safety but it is hard to stop him. Finally BuaKham, one of the old Nannies, finds a way to stop the youngsters rambles. This is just one of the wonderful examples of the hard work of elephant nanny routines at Elephant Nature Park.

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