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Happy Birthday (10 years old ) to our beautiful Faa Mai. You are the gift from heaven.

Faa Mai was born April 17, 2009 Her name means ‘A New Day’. She is the first calf born from an ENP’s mother and father. Faa Mai will never suffer cruel torture training. She will never work a day in her life. She will stay in a matriarchal family group with her mother Mae Bua Tong, her big sister Tong Jaan, and adopted big sister Faa Sai for the rest of her life. Faa Mai enjoys being a junior nanny to Dok Mai and Dok Rak, daughter and son of Dok Ngern. She is the pampered princess of the ENP,  confident and sometimes a bit stubborn.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!! Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever.

You are a lucky girl and deserve all the happiness in the world.


New born baby Faa Mai


Sweet little baby Faa Mai and her mother


Chubby Faa Mai is so cute


Faa Mai and Thong Jaan


Faa Mai and Dani


Faa Mai and Jampaa


Faa Mai loves mud bath


Faa Mai loves Lek so much and she is very happy to get close to her beloved human mom.












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