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Happy Birth Day to our boy Navaan

Eight years ago a precious life entered into our lives here at ENP. The charming little prince Navaan was born free, confident and happy .

In 2015, after only a few months with us, a baby elephant named Hansa died suddenly of Herpes virus. Soon after, DokMai and then Navaan got sick.

We were terrified for the lives of all our young here, as this illness is often fatal. Navaan tested positive for Herpes Virus in his blood PCR.

We thought that we might lose our boy. A treatment protocol began right away. Isolated and monitored, temperature checks, fluid therapy and drug administration, our vets were vigilant and thorough in their care. Many friends helped us to rush order the purchase of Famcyclovir and Acyclovir from the USA. We made it through that time, and our boy is now so healthy and strong.

Today is his 8th birthday ! And a festive feast we brought to him, wishing him good health and strength always.

Thanks for all your love and kindness words to the young handsome boy.

Happy Birthday.

Prince Navaan !

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