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Happy 2nd Birthday baby Wan Mai.

Baby Wan Mai (Whose name means New Day or new beginning) was born on May 2nd 2020. She was premature and tiny, she is very strong though. She was rescued from a riding camp by Lek Chailert the founder of Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park. She arrived with her mother Mae Mai on Sunday 7 June 2020. Mae Mai is 32 year old female mother who spent a difficult life for years in the tourist industry. Now she is able to live in peace and harmony at Elephant Nature Park with her daughter and the wonderful accompany of granny Sri Nuan who is the great nanny of baby Wan Mai.

Wan Mai growing so fast and healthy. She is a playful baby elephant, more confident, smart and alert. We are so proud and overwhelm to see the baby and mother elephant could live together with freedom, love and well care.

Happy birthday to the most adorable little girl. May your future be bright and filled with many wonderful experiences from mother and nanny, you deserve everything good that the world has to offer! You are growing up to be such a kind and beautiful elephant. To the girl who makes us happy every day, we wish you the most amazing day and many more happy years to come!


Wan Mai and mother on the way to Elephant Nature Park (June 2020).



First day at Elephant Nature Park, Wan Mai slept well under the protection from her mother.



First time, Wan Mai and mother free from chain.



Wan Mai played with the fruits cake (05 Oct 20).



Wan Mai 4 months old, 3 months living at Elephant Nature Park.



Wan Mai 4 months old.



Wan Mai wanted to be friend with the buffalo.



Wan Mai 1 year old.



Wan Mai enjoyed her first birthday cake.



Wan Mai is bigger than her buffalo friend.



Wan Mai loves to play with the big ball.



Wan Mai is a super model.



Wan Mai’s rescue story.







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