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Thong Ae: Our Charming Social Butterfly!

Recently, Thong Ae has been making regular visits to spend time with WanMai and her family.

Drawing inspiration from her adopted big sister FahMai, Thong Ae has inherited an incredibly friendly and warm disposition. Her knack for forging connections with other elephants is nothing short of remarkable.

While Thong Ae occasionally encounters moments of rejection, her spirit remains undeterred. She approaches each situation with unwavering determination, adapting her approach to make friends in her own unique way.

Thong Ae’s unwavering enthusiasm, resilience, and the warmth she brings to every interaction are truly heartwarming. Her charming character and cheerful nature have captured our hearts, and we’re sure you can’t help but fall in love with her too!

You can read more about ThongAe here…


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