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Elephant’s Voice

Dear friends, today we would like to introduce you to know a very special woman who is passionate and cares for the animals in Thailand .Khun Kanjana NuNa Silpa-archa, the daughter of former Thai Prime Minister, Mr Banharn Silpaarcha. She was also the member of parliament who worked for children and education before the current government. Khun Na did not just work as the politician , but she also set up the foundation to help handicapped people and needy children in Thailand. Today, when Thailand has changed the rule of government, she has become the animal voice and be our big support at the elephant project.! Khun Kanjana has been with us to the remote area to stay in the rough life in order to understand the realistic life of the elephant, and mahout situation in Thailand. She promised, and we believe her, that she will have the end of her life to work to protect the animal and do anything she can to protect them and help to push the law for the elephant in Thailand. She is our strong hope of the elephant voice.
































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