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Welcome Bai Toey, the new young arrival to Elephant Nature Park.

Bai Toey is the 7 years old female elephant. She left Surin province, the SouthEast of Thailand on 8th March 2022. With the kind support of Gentle Giants Stay Home Project she arrived Elephant Nature Park on 9th March 2022.  Before the journey started Bai Toey was very stressed and terrified, she climbed up the truck and fought against the transportation. She must be thinking she is being taken to a new location to be force bred (raped). When she was 6 years old, she have been forced bred because the owner wants to have baby elephant. We found that she has high level of stress, she refused to eat and her digestion is not so well. Her owner contacted us many times to help, to bring her to the park for good care from our team. With the kind support for the cost of transportation from Gentle Giants Stay Home Project, we could bring Bai Toey to Elephant Nature Park. Even though, this poor girl does not belong to Save Elephant Foundation yet, but we will try the best to take care of her. We must concentrate on our baby girl’s physical and mental recovery.

Bai Toey lived at Surin Province.
Bai Toey looks older than her age ( she’s 7 year old).

Bai Toey before we took her to Elephant Nature Park. 

Bai toey was frighten when we put her on the truck.
Only a few days after Bai Toey arrived, she was immediately accepted by a middle-aged blind elephant. Almost from the moment of introduction, Meeboon showed interest in the young girl. She stretched her trunk to touch Baitoey and they began to communicate with each other. Baitoey will be slowly introduced to the Park. She arrived both exhausted and highly agitated. She is also very nervous of things going on around her, and her former life was not a healthy emotional space. Meeboon is in the adjacent sleeping shelter and so far that calm and caring nature bodes well for Bai Toey to adapt well in her new environment. Since Bai Toey arrived, Meeboon has refused to go far away from Baitoey’s shelter. She lingers close by to offer comfort to the new arrival.
No one understands elephants better than an elephant. With the right person, they will heal themselves. Introducing them to be family is at the heart of our work. To join a herd or even to find a close companion, helps them adjust and hasten the healing of their mental and physical ailments .
In the evening the mahout brought Bai Toey and Meeboon to the river. Bai Toey tried to express herself so Meeboon would understand that she was happy and overwhelmed to be accepted and protected by Meeboon who has been solitary for awhile. She was best friends with Lucky, who was also blind. For some reason Lucky was moved to join the group of Thong Ae, becoming her nanny. It is fortunate and perhaps purposed that both Lucky and Meeboon now have clear eyes to relate the world around them afresh. These are delightful stories that we would like to share with everyone.
Bai Toey and Meeboon enjoy dust bath together
Bai Toey and Meeboon look so calm and gentle to each other.
Bai Toey and Meeboon are very happy to spray dust by their trunk.
Bai Toey put her trunk to Meeboon’s ear, it’s the elephant’s communication.
Bai Toey and Meeboon accept each other in a short time after they met.
Bai Toey looks more relaxed.
Bai Toey talking to Meeboon, they may have many questions to talk to each other.
Bai Toey looks so excited when she found the mud pit.
Heartwarming moment to see Bai Toey and Meeboon get along well.

Bai Toey and Meeboon spent time together in the river.

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