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ThongAe having a special intimacy with SriPrae

Baby ThongAe came to Elephant Nature Park in the middle of 2017 with her nannies, Khun Yai and Jenny. Three of them used to work in a camp near the park and now they enjoying the freedom with our residents.  Thong Ae is so sweet and friendly, this smart girl win the heart of our old ladies. Her family becomes bigger not only Ban Yen, Jaem Sai, and Dani  join nanny team with Jenny  granny Sook Jai also follow Thong Ae as well.  Even though she is in a big group of nanny Thong Ae still tries to take attention from the others, she visits SriPrae (Navaan’s mother) with the accompany of Jokia. Three of them spending time together playing on the dirt pile. It is so touching to see elephant express beautiful love to each other.

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