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PaiLin joins with Jokia and baby ThongAe

PaiLin (Sapphire) is an 45 years old elephant was recently rescued together with KaiMook from a trekking camp in Kanchanaburi. The two ladies arrived ENP on 2nd June 2021. After they arrived, we put them into the quarantine area but PaiLin seems carry deeper trauma. She was anxious and fearful of everything around her. She accepts her new mahout, but she did not feel comfortable with other elephants even with KaiMook who used to live at the same place before.


When PaiLin first arrived, she walked alone to the river.


We put PaiLin in the chain free shelter next to Jokia and we have seen that PaiLin tried to reach her trunk to Jokia. This is the good sign to show that she’s interested to be friend with Jokia. It’s lovely to see Jokia and PaiLin talk to each other. We let them walk together to the field accompanying with baby Thong Ae who loves to spend time with Jokia. Three of them get along well to each other. PaiLin is more relaxed and calm. We provide her the special food made from steam rice mixed with chopped grass, bananas and some vitamins because our vet found that she doesn’t have teeth and there are many lumps inside her mouth as she use her gum trying to chew some hard plants. ThongAe also loves this special food, PaiLin is so kind to share her food with the baby. But we have to provide Jokia some bananas while ThongAe and PaiLin enjoy food because we don’t want to feed Jokia to be overweight. We are very happy to see PaiLin form the relationship with another elephants.


PaiLin and Jokia.


Jokia (right) and PaiLin (left).


ThongAe (left), Jokia (middle) and PaiLin (left).


PaiLin was served with special food by her mahout because she doesn’t have teeth.


Special food for elephants who don’t have teeth.


Baby ThongAe stay with PaiLin and Jokia.


PaiLin share her food with ThongAe.


ThongAe and PaiLin eat together.


Sadly, SriPrae doesn’t want to join the group. She spend most of the time at the river bank alone. She came to visit Jokia but she’s not appreciate when PaiLin try to get close to her. She made a low rumble as a warning sign that she doesn’t want PaiLin to interact with her and then she walked away. On November 2020, the accident happened with Jokia and SriPrae because there was a man flew the drone above our park and made our elephants really frightened. Especially, our blind elephant like Jokia, she was very terrified because of the sound of the drone. The poor blind elephant who is totally blind and cannot see anything was really scared, she ran away then she hit the fence. SriPrae who is her best friend and always guide Jokia everywhere tried to comfort her friend but Jokia was freaked out, she crashed with SriPrae accidentally. Since that time SriPrae and Jokia seems paranoid each other. They do not stay together like they do before but SriPrae still worry about her blind friend, she visit Jokia sometime during the day and then walk away to spend most of the time at river bank. We are following to observe their behavior and see that Jokia and SriPrae still have a good relationship. Only time will heal their pain, we hope they can go through this difficult time soon. One day we may see Jokia, SriPrae and PaiLin join together as a beautiful family. We never stop hoping and doing our best to bring them happiness.


The fence was broken after the drone made Jokia terrified, she hit the fence and SriPrae accidentally.


SriPrae prefer to eat alone at the river bank.



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