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Early morning scenes at Elephant Nature Park

FaaMai has long since learned that if she refuses to go back to the shelter at the end of the day, she gets to have new & exciting experiences with other elephants who have come to the river.

In this video, we see Mho Jae, obsessed with food hogging, whilst SookSai performs her dutiful role of nanny. SookSai purposefully restricts access of FaaMai to her little ward, the beautiful boy Sa Ngae.


Visitors choosing to stay overnight at Elephant Nature Park, can enjoy both the ends of the day when the park takes on a whole new atmosphere.

In the evening when elephants & other animals settle down for the night, the forest and valley come alive with sounds of insects, frogs and birds of the night, to accompany the last trumpets of the day from the herd.

In the morning, as the elephants leave their shelter areas, the dawn mists rise up from the valley over the mountains and the noises of insects and frogs fade away and the early morning trumpets and squeaks announce the dawn of a new day at Elephant Nature Park.

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