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Somboon update after rescue

Elephants, especially older ones with weak ankles, cannot endure sleeping with their feet tied to a short chain on a concrete floor. Grandma Elephant SomBoon, who endured this for a lifetime, finally found peace at ENP, where we meticulously prepare living conditions for new members. Each rescued elephant receives full care, including food, water, and comfortable sand beds.

Upon arrival, many new elephants, still plagued by paranoia and lack of trust, take weeks before they will lie down. However, Grandma SomBoon defied the norm. Exhausted from her journey, and a lifetime of hardship, she promptly sought the sand pile prepared for her, sleeping soundly amidst the bustling activities around her.

After an hour of deep slumber, SomBoon attempted to rise but couldn’t, inducing panic. Our Mahout team and critical care staff swiftly aided her, helping her regain the ability to stand.

Tonight, a vigilant team of veterinarians and mahouts will closely monitor her condition.

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