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It’s Trunk Up Tuesday! Meet Malee

Meet Mae Malee, one of the 19 elephants rescued from Kanchanaburi in June last year. Malee is the oldest elephant in the group at 70+ years old and a very loyal grand nanny to young Manao who she follows around to make sure that she is safe.

Her best friend to Kham Ngern also keeps a watchful eye on Manao and is never far from Malee’s side. With few teeth and issues digesting food, Malee has a special diet of shredded corn and grass as well as steamed pumpkin and rice balls. As Malee is in the only one in a group of 7 who receives this special diet, she often sneaks away so that she won’t have to share.

When Malee realises that her meal is coming she will look both ways to be sure no one is watching and then quietly run towards the food so that she can have it all to herself.

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