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Elephants at Elephant Nature Park always have important access to water

LekLek and mother MoLoh go to the river that flows through Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary quite often.

All of our elephants do throughout the day. It is so important for an elephant to have free access to fresh and/or flowing water 24/7. Regrettably, that is not the case for almost 3600 captive working elephants in Thailand.

An elephant will drink 150 – 200 liters of water/day

This video shows just 2 of the many rescued elephants at the park. You can see how much MoLoh and LekLek satisfy their thirst at the river, sucking up to 5 liters of water before consuming, and drawn at an astounding rate ! (Researchers calculated that elephants suck up water with what would be an equivalent air velocity of 150 metres per second.)

Adequate water consumption is so important for such an enormous body and proper digestive activity. If access to potable water is a human right, it is also the right of any other animal, and especially an elephant.



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