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Elephant Of The Week: KhamPaeng

KhamPaeng (Golden Girl)  was born around 1980. She has spent most of her life working in trekking camps. When she was young, she had to perform in elephant shows and once old enough, endured the trekking seat and was used to give rides. She was rescued  and arrived to begin her new life at ENP in late June 2015 and is part of a large social group of females. KhamPaeng is very tall and has quite a lot of hair on her head. Her favorite friends are NongPop and MaePon, but she gets along well with other elephants as well.

Three of the beautiful female elephants are now living at Elephant Highlands program by Elephant Nature Park. This program set high in the lush northern mountains  and has some the most stunning scenery in the country. We provide the new home land for our rescued elephants to get roam free in the natural environment.

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