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Elephant Of The Week : KhamLa

KhamLa was born in 2011. She is now 5 years old. When her mother, Mae Sai Ngern worked at a trekking camp in Kanchanaburi both of them were separated. KhamLa was put through the breaking spirits ceremony so she would submit to human. She also got into the performance training. Thankfully, we were able to rescue KhamLa to re-unite this poor baby with her mother and both of them start the new life at ENP peacefully.  KhamLa was very happy to be able to live with her mother again even though at the first arrival Mae Sai Ngern was afraid to reconnect with the daughter because she had a deep pain from being lost KhamLa in the past. No longer after that Mae Sai Ngern and KhamLa were connected and they love to spend time together with their family. We are very grateful to see elephants living in freedom with love of their family.

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