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Elephant Of The Week : Tubtim

Tubtim born around 1947, her name is mean “Ruby”. She spent more than 30 years to work at logging camp in many areas of Thailand. Tubtim was sold many times in her life from camp to camp. Her last job was the elephant riding in a trekking. She worked until she became very weak and collapsed. The former owner decided to retire her from work.

Tubtim arrived Elephant Nature Park on September 2014. Thanks to the funds donated by Khun Kanjana Silpa Archa, the 60 plus years old lady was rescued from Phuket to Chiang Mai. We spent a long time to move her, the vet team have to observe her condition and travel with her all the way. At our park, volunteers and all of our staff cooked special nutrition food for her. No longer after she arrived the park, she looked for the new family and of course, Navann’s charming attracted her heart. Now, she is happily settled in at ENP and she was devoted to be grand nanny of Navann. Look at all the pictures of this beautiful old granny, she is appearing with a good health and happiness.

Tubtim Sponsorship

Tumtim collecting the wood in the river
Tubtim collecting the wood in the river
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