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World Animal Day 2023

World Animal Day 2023

For us, every day is animal day as we dedicate our efforts to rescuing and providing the best care for animals. We have helped various animal species, including elephants, dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, buffaloes, goats, and more. Currently, we have more than five thousand animals under our care. We work tirelessly to bring about positive changes and improve the lives of any animal in need.

Elephant of the Week 21 August 2023: Khamla at Elephant Nature Park

Elephant of the Week 21 August 2023: Khamla

Khamla is the beating heart of the largest family group at Elephant Nature Park. There are 9 elephants who foster her care and well-being, with a mother Mae Baitoey and 2 Nannies, always doting on her. She is a most fortunate young lady to have been rescued at the age of 4 and brought under the care of Save Elephant Foundation. Much has changed since her arrival in 2015 and to see her thrive inside such a wonderfully committed family group has been nothing short of inspiring.

Flashback Friday:ThongAe

Flashback Friday:ThongAe

Below is a post originally posted by our founder Saengduean Lek Chailert to Save Elephant Foundation Facebook page 17 April 2019 – To all friends,
I would like to update you about Thong Ae. We finally got a positive answer from Thong Ae’s owner. We invited them to visit to observe ThongAe’s fortunate place within family, connecting with a strong bond to her nannies and others here at ENP.

Flashback Friday - 7 elephants rescued by save elephant foundation - first day of freedom at elephant nature park

Flask Back Friday 2 – Save Elephant Foundation Rescue 7 Elephants – Sanctuary at Elephant Nature Park

After the huge logistical operation to rescue 7 elephants, Save Elephant Foundation founder Saengduean Lek Chailert said: On behalf of these 7 majestic Giants, we would like to thank the TrunksUp campaign and all those who have donated to help free these 7 elephants.

Thanks to Khun Meaw Warattada Pattarodom and her team who supported the rescue of HomNuan, retiring them from riding to a life free from work.

Thanks to all of you who support the work of Save Elephant Foundation. You are helping us to make a big change for the lives of the captive elephant.

Flashback Friday - 7 elephants rescued by save elephant foundation - the journey to elephant nature park

Flashback Friday – Save Elephant Foundation Rescue 7 Elephants – The Journey

This Flashback Friday post shows a video of how 7 elephants were rescued by Save Elephant Foundation and transported to their new homes within the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park. It was a big day for them, 7 elephants, ostensibly friends, rescued by Save Elephant Foundation, and relocated to a new home where they would never have to work again. It took some time, but it became clear that each would choose their own way and find the person whom they thought to be akin. Time and space and self-discovery prepare the way for living happily in the sanctuary of Elephant Nature Park.

Muaylek walks to freedom through the rain towards the sanctuary of elephant nature park

Save Elephant Foundation Rescue – MuayLek

This is MuayLek, a female elephant who is only seven years old. MuayLek worked to entertain in an elephant show. She was a regular star of the camp. Her main work was to perform for tourists. She was trained to paint, to perform with a Hula Hoop, and to stand on 2 legs while dancing. MuayLek remained tethered and dealt with so much stress. All baby elephants deserve the right to play freely, but she never had that chance. Instead, MuayLek developed typical stress behaviour.

Elephant of the Week Bunma

Elephant of the Week: Bunma

On August 10th, 2021, Bunma and her baby girl, Chaba, walked over a mountain to their freedom at Elephant Nature Park. You can read more about the heart wrenching decisions and timely actions of Save Elephant Foundation to rescue Bunma with her little baby Chaba in her life story page.

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