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Pha Mai

Dok Mai and FaaMai
Dok Mai and FaaMai are best friends and love playing in the mudPha Mai (Faa Mai)

Pha Mai (Faa Mai)

Joined our herd: 17 April 2009

From: Born at the park

Birthday: 17 April 2009

Pha Mai (Faa Mai) was one of the lucky elephants born at our park.

Little Faa Mai couldn’t be happier now that she has Chang Yim to pal up with. Lots of wonderful, exciting changes have occurred in her life since the last newsletter. In early June, Faa Mai and her mother Mae Bua Tong along with her two aunties Malai Tong and Dok Ngern (who at that time was still heavy with child) finally joined the rest of the family group roaming freely about the Park.


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