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Elephant Highlands Pumpkin Problem

Elephant Highlands Pumpkin Problem

Elephant Highlands project is set high up in the mountains of Chiang Mai province and we can see in this video, the low clouds covering much of the landscape. The are 3 elephants at Highlands project, MaePon,  love her friend Khampaeng and NongPop. MaePon love pumpkins and we can see she is very protective of her favourite food and not sharing the pumpkins with her friends.

elephant highlands home for eternity

Elephant Highlands – A Home for Eternity

Around 4 months after we took three elephants from Elephant Nature Park to Elephant Highlands, we look at how the elephants are settling into the wilderness area. This project is surrounded with rich forest and suitable for elephants and also other species to stay peacefully on the whole mountain.

Journey to Elephant Highlands

Journey to Elephant Highlands from Elephant Nature Park

A 2 day 1 night journey of 3 elephants walking through the jungle more than 20 kilometers from Elephant Nature Park to their new home in the remote jungle mountains near Ban Lao northern Thailand. They will live a life of complete freedom, roaming through the jungle during the day and housed safely in their beautiful compound with the swimming pool at night in Elephant Highlands.

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