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You’re Never Too Old for an Amazing Experience

Last week Maggie Carroll and Julie Laurie from Australia joined the Journey to Freedom program where they travelled to the Mae Wang area to volunteer with elephants and the local community. With teaching experience and a lot of enthusiasm, these ladies took on the challenge with open minds and it sounds like they enjoyed every minute of it.


The inspiring vision of Lek Chailert to rescue and return elephants to the life they are meant to lead drew us to Elephant Nature Park. We two Aussie grannies spent a week on Journey to Freedom with a Karen hill tribe south of Chiang Mai. To observe close-up the joy of a young elephant wallowing in mud, her mother crunching contentedly on banana palm, her nanny looking out for her safety was wondrous indeed! And to see the antics of young bull Arawan, and be adopted as a ‘sister’ by his attentive mahout – what a privilege. 

My friend Julie was a hit with the lively youngsters at the local Karen school. And we had a visit for extra English lessons from 9 beautiful high school students. 
If you love elephants, have energy and a good level of fitness to walk through the jungle and uphill, and can adapt to basic living conditions, Journey to Freedom is a revelation. Never too old! 
You are never too old to do the things that you love and if elephants happens to be one of those things, be sure to check out our volunteer options across Thailand and Cambodia.
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