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Why Elephant Nature Park is one of the most ethical elephant sanctuaries to visit and an interview with its founder, Lek

Do you have plan to visit elephant sanctuary ? How to choose which is the reliable place to visit  

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Thank you Wayfairer Travel for sharing your wonderful experience at Elephant Nature Park to spread the word.


The happy herd living peacefully, sharing love and good care to each other.

The happy herd living peacefully, sharing love and good care to each other.


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  1. Hello,
    My sister and I will be in Bangkok April 30, 2019 through May 10, 2019.
    We would like to stay 2 nights at your place. Can you tell me how much this would be?
    Also, how far is the Elephant Nature Park from Bangkok? Should we taxi? Rent car?
    Thank you! Oh yes, how do we make reservations.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your interest in Elephant Nature Park

      We recommend staying in Chiang Mai city the night prior to your visit to the park. You can take flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

      You can check details, prices, starting times and availability on all of
      our trips here;

      Please book online. The booking form’s calendar button, when selected,
      will inform you of dates available.

      If the project/trip you prefer is not available please select another.

      We look forward to welcoming you to our project.

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