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When the two mothers and two baby elephants meet each other, they are going to begin as the new elephant family at Elephant Nature Park.

Every time when we have rescued the elephant , our priority is how to help that elephant to join the herd and family. We believe that the elephant truly understand the emotional underneath physical abuse, and they will act out in a supportive environment to heal another. Elephants are a highly social animal, like us. The more we rescue the more we learn, especially when we have to introduce the mother and baby to know our herd. Each mother protects their own baby… some are very easy to fit into the new group and some are quite difficult to accept the others. Some elephant are very shy, some very aggressive and angry or scared. To bring one by one takes so much time to assist their transition into the herd . It’s about safety for each of them; it’s about what they want.We have to take time to learn about each elephant and their personality. At this moment, we introduce a small disconnected herd to our own Park Family, it is quite a challenge for us and our mahout, to work forward on this. Most of these new elephants have come from working and have experienced abuse. Our priority first step is how to foster a living environment of love and care for these newcomers. We want them to understand that we work to protect them and to provide love and care to them as they need. The second step is to slowly introduce them to our own varied family groupings. Nothing is more beautiful than when an elephant is embraced by and embraces the herd again. Today we also introduce the two mothers and their babies: Han Sa , Bai bua , Zai Ngern and Pang Pon to know each other. Have a look , they become the family now.





















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