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We help elephants recover and rehabilitate with love by Care for Elephant program

Elephants are no different from humans; they socialize with their friends and family. They can feel pain, sorrow, happiness and more. Our rescued elephants used to work hard, they experienced only forced control by human. At Elephant Nature Park, we help the elephants recover from their painful past life through love and care. Instead of carrying the tourist on their back, our elephants at Care for Elephant program enjoy the freedom in their own habitat. They can walk into the forest with their friends, roll in the mud, splash around in the river, eat natural plants and spend the day receiving love and care from the visitors.

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Our rescued elephants are settle in Care for Elephant program with our care and love.
Our rescued elephants have settled in to Care for Elephant program.


Elephants are living with blissfulness when they are free from work and abuse.
The elephants are living happily now that they are free from work and abuse.


Learning to love and respect is the concept to help elephants.
Learning to love and respect elephants and provide with the proper care is very important.


















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