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Update the reunion of MeBai and Mae Yui

Almost a month after the reunion of MeBai and her mother, you may be wondering what is happening with them. I have just spent time following them in their new home. The behavior of both has changed so much, their movements relaxed and easy, their ears flapping happy, their eyes calm and gentle.
Mebai follows her mom’s every foot step , It seems that they try to recover the time taken away from them. Mae Yui teaches her daugther how to find the jungle food. Sometimes Mebai sees her mother take the jungle greenery and then she will take the food out from her mother’s mouth to taste it.
The mahout told me that even in the evening the two will roam free, but that they put the wooden bell to Mae Yui for the mahout to search for them in the morning. Sometimes though it is not easy to find both of them because Mae yui has put mud in the bell or sometimes the bell disappears and they think that MeBai has bitten the rope and tossed the bell away. They enjoy their freedom life very much now and we can see so clear the deep bond between them, and how the peaceful life and nature’s freedom is the best therapy to heal them. This is the case for all captive elephant.















































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