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Tila, the mahout who always keep the elephant in his heart

Tila is the name of the young Karen man who is from Mea Jeam , Chiang Mai Thailand. His family owned elephant in many generations. When he was young, Tila helped his father to take care of their elephant , until one day his father sold off the last elephant. Tila loved and connected with the elephant, and he decided to leave his village to come to work with us and to be closely with the elephant. Tila follows our idea to take care of the elephant with love and concentration. Today he works as the mahout supervisor for Cambodian mahouts at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. He spends most of the time to walk with the elephants and stay with them in the jungle. The way that he takes care of the elephant with love, everyone who visits CWS can see the  strong relationship between elephant and man at our project. We are so proud to have the mahout who really  love and passionate with a kind heart to the elephant. We hope in the future there will be more mahout like Tila.



















































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