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“The water is warm here Khun Dej, come and play with me” Seree is trying to show Khun Dej how is she happy with the fountain.

Seree tries to get Khun Dej attention while enjoying some splash at the fountain. However, it doesn’t seem like the big boy, Khun Dej could leave his soil pile, keep trying, Seree!

Seree used to work as a street begging elephant for ten years and last year she had the accident, her hip was dislocated so, she cannot walk properly. Even Seree and Khun Dej come from the difference place, when they meet each other at ENP they have a good relationship and love to spend time together. We are pleased to see them roam free to spend their life without detention, hard working and suffering. Thank you for all supporters and donations, you all bring them a new beautiful life.































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