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Thank you for sharing and helping the elephants.

The COVID 19 crisis has clarified the tenuous situation of the captive working elephant. Little of this struggle is felt by the big elephant camps, as they have enough money to weather this disaster, but small elephant projects and independent owners are in a financial bind. Many elephant camps need help so they can continue to feed their elephants. Today, our Elephant Ambassador Khun Beau Benjasiri (Thai actress), Khun Noon Ramida (Thai actress) and Khun Louis Scott (Thai singer) are the representative of Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park visit Ayothaya Elephant Camp in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya province. 

With all of the generosity from our supporters we can donate 125,000 Thai Baht to the camp owner. Khun Vipa Patcharasayranee, the CEO of Kings Carrot Co LTD and PT AGRI Trade also bring a lot of fruits for elephants and their mahouts. We would like to express our thanks to Khun Vipa and her company for your kindness. 

The Elephants welfare is the absolute priority at this moment, this is not the time to turn our backs to the elephants. Our hearts are filled with joy that we are able to share and help them during these difficult times. No one should be left behind.

Thank you very much for your support. 

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