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Saving Agam, poor baby elephant in Indonesia

Here is the message from Lek, she went to Indonesia to help Agam, the poor baby elephant .

Just landed in Thailand comeback to my beloved family to see our herd and new member Khun Dej who just arrive yesterday .
Spent the whole week with the baby Agam , At Bandar Aceh and I fall in love with him. I I never leave any country with tears , but this time leaving Sumatra with heavy heart and sad. I will share the story soon. My heart and pray to Agam the baby elephant. Thanks to all Indonesia friend who invited me to meet Agam ,my eyes is open and learned so many things.Thanks to all animal lover who spent the long late night to help me to make Agam ‘s Jacket to support him to standing again after he lay down for long time , especially the last night we spent time with Agam until early morning and then go direct to the airport no one get sleep . I will remember how beautiful heart of you all.

















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