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Sad News: Jarunee passed away on 29 Dec, 2016

We lost the precious life of our old elephant Jarunee. We rescued her in 2006 from the trekking camp. Her age had surpassed her willingness to walk any more. She no longer tolerated people to sit in the basket on her back.
We rescued her from a very poor condition, both eyes injured which later she lost vision in both of her eyes. But Jarunee had the will to live, accompanied by her best friend Malai Thong (the landmine victim who oferred her eyes to support her).
In her life at the Park, she sought out the care of the young. She was a wise nanny to several family groups, including Chang Yim, Navaan and finally Yindee. Yindee gave her so much will to live. Even just last week she decided to go swimming with the family, a rare occasion !
Over the past five months she began to slow down and while trying to stay quiet, she continued to walk with the herd.
Her health has been up and down for the last couple of weeks but she still ate and remained under our veterinary care.
Last week she walked around the park somewhat solitary. She walked to scratch her body at her favorite spot, seeming to say goodbye. After that, the next day she refused to leave her shelter. Malai Thong chose to remain with her friend and we gleaned from this that her time was close at hand.
Our vet continued to monitor and carried on fluid therapy after she stopped to eat. Today Malai Thong and Jarunee spoke in low rumblings to each other. At about five pm , Jarunee slowly lay down, closed her eyes and passed away peacefully next to her Best Friend, Malai Thong. R.I.P our beautiful lady. You shared with us such a beautiful time and your memory will always be so precious to us. We dearly love you and will miss you.


Our beautiful lady, Jarunee passed away on 29 Dec, 2016.

Our beautiful lady, Jarunee passed away on 29 Dec, 2016.



















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