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Rest in Peace Bua Loy, you are now in freedom and there is no pain forever.

Dear friends, we would like to inform you of some sad news about Bua Loy. Yesterday afternoon the vet reported to us that she lay down. They tried to lift her up but she did not help or cooperate to stand.
The Vet team tried in many ways to help and comfort her. She is too weak and tired. Half an hour later she closed her eyes and sleeps forever.
Life for her is too rough and full of tragedy. We are very sad that, only at the last minute, did we have the chance to help her. Thanks to all of you who sent your love prayers and energy to her.
Rest in Peace our beautiful soul. Walk across the bridge and never look back at your world of sorrow. Your new life will be better.

*** Please be noted that she is skinny Bua Loy, who we helped from the tourist camp out from the work and brought her to the hospital at Lampang, and yesterday she passed away..but there seems to be some confusion.She has the same name as our Bua Loy who is lame and handicap at ENP. Our old girl, grandmother Bua Loy is still alive and happy with her friends at the park.






















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