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Pyi Mai 1 year Rescue Anniversary

A little over a year ago, our founder Saengduean Lek Chailert, witnessed the plight of KhamMoon and her baby Pyi Mai at an elephant riding and performance camp in need of desperate help. On 21st January 2021, we were able to rescue mother and baby to Elephant Nature Park.
One year on both KhamMoon & Pyi Mai are thriving and joined with D-Max who is not only a best friend to KhamMoon but a super nanny to adorable baby Pyi Mai.
More recently, they have also welcomed BunMa and her baby Chaba in their herd.
It’s so heartwarming to witness their recovery surrounded by love and care.
We would like to thank our wonderful friend Noelle Weiss who made their rescue a dream come true!

The rescue story of Pyi Mai and Mae Kham Moon.

A beautiful herd, Pyi Mai and her mother Kham Moon join with baby Chaba, Bun Ma (Chaba’s mom) and D Max (Chaba’s nanny).






Beautiful family, Pyi Mai, Kham Moon and nanny.


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