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Our grandmother elephant, Mae Thai is on an intensive care program at Elephant Nature Park.

At our project we have rescued so many old grandmother elephant. Most of them came from a very hard life, especially those who began in logging and later in the tourist industry. Today they retire happily with us till their days end. Mae Thai is the one of them.
Thai is our old elephant who was rescued in 2002 by Ele-aid, and brought to roam free at our sanctuary. On arrival, she joined with many different groups, whoever had the young one, and made friends with many, some who have passed away already. She was always a strong loving and stern grand-nanny, directing well those under her care from one generation to the next, young ones such as these : Hope, Tong Suk, Tong Jan, Aura, Pupia, Tong Tare, Dok Mai, even Fah Sai.
For the last six months, Thai has slowed her pace, walking and eating less, and not worrying any more which direction the young ones run. She walks far behind and shows her age.
At nigh she stays next to her beloved Tong Jan. She is picky with her food and her digestion is common to her age, as her teeth are worn or missing. She lays down at night to sleep, but some mornings it is difficult for her to stand up. If she tries to rise then we help her, and sometimes we just let her rest, and provide her IV fluid. Some days she is too tired and walks just a short distance, resting under the shade trees all day until her friends return from their days activities. Tong Jan will often come to check on her. But there are other days when she surprises us, having energy enough to walk all around the park with her family.
She is on a similar intensive care program, as our other old ladies, receiving extra prepared nutritional meals, and our 2+ week volunteers work long hours to put these together. We will carry on to give our granny elephant all the love and provision that she deserves until the end of her days.






















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