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Navann and Khun Dej become a best friend even the size and their attitude are different.

Khun Dej ( four and half years old ) and Navann ( two and half years old) but their body size are different, Navann is bigger as he has a lots of loves and caring from his mother and Nannies since he was born, but Khun Dej did not live with mother since he was young and he was injured. When the two boys have meet and stand next to each other, we can see how difference of their body and attitude. Khun dej very shy and hesitate, but Navann is full of confidence. The two boys want to play to each other. Navann has strong body, Khun Dej has the longer tusk. When they start to play, their both side of nanny also start to be alert to make sure that the boys play under their supervisor and not run out of their control.





























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