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Nanny’s daily work for baby elephant Navann

One baby naughty can make the mother very busy , and naughty Navann make four nanny plus mother super busy and exhaust. Navann always find the way to play and run with non stop , the four old nanny sometime get tired and have to take turn to try to tame him. All his nanny are old age , they not run quick enough even the new brand nanny Tubtim who is smitten of him . Navann always play game catch me if you can. While he make the mud pool and run slippery , the nanny work to response for his safety and they all worry about him , but it hard to stop him. Finally Bua Kham one of the old Nanny find the way how to stop the young little man to ramble. This is one of the wonderful nanny work that I want to share with you to learn about the elephant daily routine at Elephant Nature Park.






















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