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Mae Bua Tong, her name is mean “Golden Lotus” which is blooming at Elephant Nature Park.

Mae Bua Tong was born around 1970,  she is 45 years old beautiful elephant. She was rescued from the trekking camp in July 2005 along with her daughter, Tong Jaan. Both of them are very lucky as we could save their lives before they were forced to endure the brutal Phajaan (domestication process). Mae Bua Tong also brought us the charming baby elephant, she gave a birth of Faa Mai on 17th April 2009. Now a day, the large family herd has grown around this marvelous mother and daughters at our sanctuary. They are the beautiful herd and very friendly with another elephants. Every time when we see they are enjoying to live together and spend their lives at the park with out painfulness, it’s always remind us there are many abused elephants waiting the help from us. So, we have to keep working more harder to save the lives of our friends.





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