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Lucky gets treats all day long


Come to our herd:

2 February 2013

Rescued from:

Surin Province

We’re rescue the female elephant have found this elephant last year , during on the her circus tournament. Her name is Lucky and she is the star of Lucky elephant circus. Lucky have force to work from the circus from her young age She has been performing in circuses (sometimes two times a night) since she was one for 30 years. Her eyes blinded from the spotlight , but she still carry on for the show. have take a long time to convince the owner to allow us to rescue her. Lucky the blind elephant From Surin province. This rescue would not have been possible without the very generous donation from David and Holly from Canada. Lucky completely blind for both eyes, She such a beautiful personal and gentle. During the trip she not show nervous at all ,it seem familiar with the truck and transport which is she has to tournament of her elephant circus and show all the time. When Lucky arrive the park , first time she very nervous but after she get a warm welcome by the herd then she feel more confident .Thanks to David Budd and Holly for your generosity to help us to bring Lucky from circus and today she come to join the family at the park and no more work. we are happy to report she is not on the chain and is entirely comfortable and happy with her surroundings. She listens to her mahout and follows his guidance as she explores the park. Please understand, the process to go from captive to free takes time, and we do the best we can to make sure the elephants we rescue are safe and secure.

 Luck finds a new home

Lucky, blind and smiling

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