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Lucky on the 5th anniversary of her rescue to the forever home

Lucky was rescued to Elephant Nature Park in February 2013, she came from the Surin province. Lucky was born in 1985.  She was the star attraction of a circus since she was 4 years old. In her late teens, she developed an eye infection and was still forced to work under the bright spotlights, which further irritated her infected eyes. The combination of both resulted in total blindness. Performing while blind was very stressful for Lucky. Finally, her owner took her out of the performance ring, but she stayed with the circus for a while most likely giving rides and having to endure people posing for pictures with her all day long. No longer after that her owner realised that all of this was too much for her and then they brought her home. They no longer worked her and they loved her in their own way, but she was kept chained in the back yard all the time. They attempted to get her pregnant, but this did not happen. Finally they decided to sell her because they could no longer afford to feed her. This rescue would not have been possible without the very generous donation from David and Holly from Canada.

When Lucky arrived the park , first time she was very nervous but after she got a warm welcome by the herd then she feel more confident. Lucky adjusted very quickly to her new life at ENP. She joined with Mae Bua Loy and Mae Boon Ma after about a week and has been with them ever since. After Mae Boon Ma passed away, Lucky and Mae Bua Loy never let each other stay away, even though Lucky is very friendly to the others but she always keep close side by side with her beloved friend.











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