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Loss of Life

A beautiful and thoughtful piece on life and elephants by our great supporter.

Loss of Life

It is a great shame that man continues to exterminate species upon species. In arrogance they call that which they kill into extinction a noble beast. It is the extreme madness of man’s arrogance. When will man wake up to the fact that all life is interconnected and supports each other.

When a being is lost whether it is one individuated being or a species as a whole it leaves an imbalance in the nature of things.

From the highest perspective there is only one life as the foundation to all individuation. That leads to the fact that when we kill another, whatever the shape or form it is killing an important aspect of our whole being.

Man’s madness of his egos greed needs to be set aside permanently.

Every individuated being has feelings and an interacting structure to their expression in life. Just because man does not recognize it specifically nor understand its language does not mean it has no value in the scheme of life.

All individuated beings are of prime importance both from the macro to the micro perspective. Man wake up and recognize your heart and being in another individuated being.

Look at the Elephant and see yourself within it. See its love for its family, its children, how they protect one another, nurture one another, support one another and not least of all mourn either their separation from each other or the death of each other. Man has witnessed this love also cross over to other species in their interactions.

Man, stop this insane madness NOW around the world and preserve what remains of this world and see to it that all life flourishes.

By TPS. Pearl
(TPS. Pearl means= The Priceless Pearl = which is in all beings. It is also the name of my healing practice for all beings.)

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