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How we can help the elephants at Journey to Freedom project

Volunteering at Journey to Freedom is an amazing project immersing you into a tribal community in heart of the beautiful Northern Thailand mountains. It is a wonderful experience to learn new culture while helping improve the quality of community life for the villagers and elephants returning to their natural jungle habitat. For more information on this unique volunteering project click here:

Journey to Freedom

Sadly, we’ve received the heartbreaking news from the owner of Journey to Freedom project on 15th April 2020 there was the most terrible forest fire in this decade. The team worked so hard to stop the fire, to protect their village and their elephants. Luckily, all are safe but the the trees and other vegetables were damaged. The herd cannot find fresh leaves in the natural terrain. Words cannot describe our sadness to see the forest being lost as it is very important source of elephant’s natural food. Our founder, Lek Chailert immediately visited them to see how we can help. She sent the staff (our drivers and guides) to cut banana trees, grass and bought some watermelon to deliver to the project so the poor herd can have some enough fresh food to eat. The next plan is finding some land to plant grass and vegetable for elephants.

We are doing our best to take care the beautiful elephants during this very difficult time while volunteers cannot join us to help because of the Corona virus Covid-19 outbreak. Elephant’s food is our priority to take the response.

Thank you for your concern and asking how you can help, please visit our website to find the best way you can support the herd:

Elephants Need Your Help


The elephants were happy in the green forest.


The small herd walked in the jungle before fire destroyed their terrain.


The elephant enjoyed walking in the jungle (before fire happened).


Two elephants had a great moment together in the green forest.


Forest fire damaged the elephant’s natural terrain.


The staff at Journey to Freedom tried to stop fire.


The staff worked so hard to protect the elephants and forest.


Villagers and staff helped together to stop fire.



Sadly, forest gone.


The herd cannot find fresh leaves to forage.


Where we can find our food ?


It is really hot and we are very hungry.


I need to eat fresh grass.


Do we really lost our forest ?


Lek Chailert and team visited the project.


Lek talked with the team how to help the elephants.


ENP and SEF staff helping to cut banana trees and load on the truck.


Banana trees were sending to feed the elephants.


Grass, watermelon, corn stalks and banana trees arrived the project.


Thank you for your kind support to Journey to Freedom project.



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