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It’s wonderful to learn that the elephants is very alert of the coming rain.

Rainy season come quite early this year. Late afternoon during our herd stay in the field under the beautiful sunshine, suddenly we heard the nannies hit their trunk to the ground to rmind the herd , I saw the group of Yindee and his nannies take off and walk out from their food and rush back to their hut, the group of Faa Mai who stay next to me getting alert and the mother Bua Tong roar for signal, suddenly I saw they start to run toward to the shelter and they seem very panic and lift their tail up and trumpeted. I ran to follow them and not long after that all of our park getting dark and start to have the strong wind and rainy storm. Most elephants run to go under the shade except the old and lamed lady like Mae Thai , Medo and SaZa who still walk slowly, so I run back to help mahout to try to take them inside the enclosure. During I stayed in the middle of the rain I can feel the rain is very strange cold and then I feel some hail stone come together with rain but it take only short time and not much hail stone. Later my friend sent me the picture that, at the area of Chiang Mai province they have the heavy hailstorm not far from our area. Luckily we did not have the big hail stone fall at our area. From the picture and the size of those hail stones it can hurt our herd. One thing it amazed me that elephant know the nature better than us. We should learn from them.




















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