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Save Elephant Foundation Funding Policy

How Save Elephant Foundation receives funds.

Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) is a registered charity which accepts donations and sponsorships for SEF and related projects.

Serengeti Foundation (USA) is a 501(c) charity based in the United States which supports SEF and, as a 501(c) charity, has donation tax benefits for USA taxpayers..

Elephant Nature Park (ENP) is a registered licensed partnership. ENP arranges visits to Elephant Nature Park and other projects in support of SEF.

ENP does not accept donations, sponsorships nor does ENP fundraise.

For the protection of you and Save Elephant Foundation, please only donate or sponsor using one of the following approved methods.

1 – Donation Options –

2 – Sponsorship Options

3 – Serengati Foundation (USA) – 501(c)

“Fundraising” is a term that means money is gathered from any possible source to provide benefit for a purpose.

Save Elephant Foundation does not endorse any type of fundraising.

We know and appreciate your wish to help our work with Elephants. Thank you for your co-operation and continued support


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