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Happy Birthday Navaan 28 October 2016

Today is a special day, four years ago we got a very special gift from SriPare. She gave birth to the little boy Navaan on 28 October 2012, it was a great surprise that we welcomed him on early morning among elephants trumpets song.

Navaan means “Gold” in Cambodian, he has a very special personality. He is confident, playful and intelligent. With his high energy, he keep everyday busy playing with his toys: tire, log, stick, fire hose, ball, diving in river and rolling in thick mud pit. As he is a son of Hope, he is a clown and loves to be a center of attention. He uses his charming to invite the female elephants to join his herd as his nanny. He is the number one baby elephant that has so many nannies and his family become bigger.

As we know, his latest nanny is Jokia, who lost her best friend. Navaan has brighten up Jokia’s life with his positive energy. He bring happiness and fulfill her life with warmth from his family. We were really appreciate to see SriPrae and the others nannies accepted Jokia and share their love to each other.

Navaan can make every one feel young and want to play as the kid again. You will not believe that he turn the blind lady, Jokia to be his playmate. She is very lucky that Navaan welcome her to be his nanny because Navaan is a joyful.

Happy Birth Day, precious boy !! We hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love and fun. You deserve them a lot.

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