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Greeting from Medo at Elephant Nature Park.

Medo is our sweet female elephant age around 35 years old. While she was working in the illegal logging camp, a log fell on her and broke her back left leg. Since that time she cannot walk properly, she moved from camp to camp but no one want to hire. After that she was being forced in a breeding program  because the former owner need to get the income from her. Poor Medo, she was attacked from a bull elephant and got badly injured. Her right knee joint was badly broken. The former owner kept hidden her in the remote village in the mountain around 15 years.

Lek found her in 2006 and did not hesitate to rescue this painful elephant. Medo arrived ENP on July 2006. At the first arrival, she was very shy to another elephants and finally the strong relationship between Medo and Mae Lanna was originated.

Now, she is enjoying her free life at ENP with her best friends, Mae Lanna and Sao Yai. Look at her eyes and smiling face, don’t need to explain how she is happy staying with love and protection from her elephant family.

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