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Great welcome Naam Fon, Moyo, Mae Dok and Suwanan to Elephant Nature Park.

If you will remember, over 3 years ago, the DNP confiscated 21 elephants from the Elephant camp at Karnjanaburee camp for the accusation that all of those elephant has no official paperwork. Since then, the owner fought in the law court to prove that all of their elephants were legal. The owner proved that all these elephants were legally owned and the law court ordered the government to return them to the camp owner. But during the time that the elephant was taken away from the camp, the owner can’t make any money and they also have a problem with their reputation when they were confiscated so that many tour companies were not sure about them. The issue quickly became how to take care of their animals with the loss of their international support. Finally, when they announced to sell all of their elephants that were confiscated (21 elephant all told), somehow they also sold two baby elephant. The owner reasoned that they had no money to take care of this group of elephants. Our great concern was that some of these elephants were yet babies, and some very old , some blind, we could not tolerate these elephants to suffer any longer, to be returned to street begging , circus and elephant riding. We offered the elephant owner that we would take all of these elephants to rehab at our sanctuary and provide them food and care for them until we find another way to help. Today we welcome 4 old ladies to our home , Welcome , Naam Fon , Moyo , Mae Dok and Suwanan. We will give them love and care to them as much as we can.




















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