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FaaMai : The number 1 nanny.

FaaMai has to keep her eyes on her little friends, play and protect them

FaaSai transferred her job as number one nanny to FaaMai, to look after naughty baby DokMai.

It already keeps her busy all day – she has to keep her eyes on her little friend as they play and protect her.

But today she had to be the nanny of both DokMai and Navaan. The two babies have so much energy and play and run out from the herd non-stop. It is FaaMai’s duty to make sure that they do not go too far and they not get harmed.

She tries to control them to stay in the group, but the two babies still run, and sometimes FaaMai looks upset. But then she thinks as the expert nanny. She decided to create a game to control and make FaaMai stay with her so she doesn’t have to keep running.

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