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Elephant passport were issued by Thailand Government Official.

This is the elephant passport that we received today from our government official. This is very new. The government now issues the identification for the legal elephant only and soon they will patrol and guard against elephant traffic and the smuggling of elephants across borders. Elephant passports now detail specific elephants and identify them according to body mark , eye color , height , date of birth , gender , microchip number , and much else . The new born baby must register within 30 days (before registration requirement was eight years after birth) . I do hope the new passport for the elephant can help to protect against elephant trade, smuggling the baby and capturing them from the wild.
The our good news is that we now have government approval of our 44 elephants ! Our family members are legal ! This has taken so many months for the authority investigating and seeking information before issuing the ID card. But not all elephant in Thailand will get the ID registered. Many of them are still on hold and waiting to have the ID until the government official has approved the correct information and confirmed that the elephant is legal Thai elephant. I hope this can be a good news for the elephant situation in Thailand !
















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