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Elephant Nature Park’s 12th Anniversary.

Today Elephant Nature Park is celebrating the twelfth anniversary. For the past dozen years, the Park has served as a refuge for the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants, dogs, cats, and many other animals. Over the past years the Park has also become an important center for cultural preservation and education. This anniversary is not only a wonderful occasion to celebrate all that we have accomplished and all that we continue to strive to achieve, it is also a time to say thank you to the Von Roemer family and friends for their generous and vital support. The evidence of their gracious support lives in the animals who have found sanctuary and better, peaceful lives in the Park. And it is evident in the countless people who have visited and volunteered at Elephant Nature Park, as well as those both near and far who have been touched by our mission. The impact of the Van Roemers’ support is as tangible as the joy of a young elephant who has the opportunity to be curious and to play with a hose he has found in the barn, instead of having his spirit broken in the face of a lifetime of hard labor. It is an impact that has touched all of us, and so we are profundly grateful for the difference that the Van Roemers have made in the lives of the animals and the people of Elephant Nature Park.












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